YotStik Carbon - The Chamois Club

By YotStik

Now Available - The New Chamois Club: An Unbelievably lightweight 3k carbon fiber 7/8” shaft made specifically for use with the ultra-absorbent Yot•Mop Absober®️. Choose a 4’ or 5’ Club.

The Chamois Club is our (better) answer to the old “chamois-on-a-wooden-stick”. Our version is a refined and purpose-built tool that’s designed to laaasssttt

Since the Chamois Club was developed with Click-In functionality, when the chamois mop has reached the end of its long life, you no longer have to throw the baby out with the bath water:

Just replace the mop.

Our patent-pending design offers a tight, composite-unit feeling with the benefit of interchangeable tool end. Internal resistance created by our Polyurethane Spring makes the fit so tight you will think the Club & Mop are one piece. And our proprietary low profile spring button in conjunction with the included Button•GäRD assure that no metal will touch your fine finish.

To Top Off the Club we’ve added our no-slip waffle grip, made for us by Vans Footwear. This grip acts as tiny suction cups to your hand giving you complete control even when wet. Of course you can still secure your Chamois Club in a rocket launcher/rod holder for proud display.

(the chamois club is not compatible with other mop brands and is not designed or intended for use with tools other than The Yot•Mop Absorber)

Available Now !

Join The Club - The Chamois Club


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    Customer reviews
    The training at Marine Detail supply is very hands on and educational. the knowledge that you will gain from industry professionals is going to help take your business to the next level.
    — Jacob Shock
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    Will there be hands on demonstration?

    Absolutely. We will have a boat in the shop to work on. We typically focus on the hull sides. All the Starke products, pads and machines will be on display and available for use.

    Will there be classroom work?

    Yes. We like to sit down and go over some over the basics. We will have a presentation and slideshow. We start by introducing everyone. We like to ask why each person came and what they wanted to gain from this experience. Once we figure that out we can then dial in the message to focus on where everyone needs the most information.

    Is this an accreditation course?

    Yes. Sign up for this course to become a Starke Certified Installer and be listed on our site and receive special discounts on Starke products.

    If I am a DIYer, can I attend this course.

    Absolutely. This class is for the professional or the enthusiast. The techniques we will be teaching work across the board.