Starke Hyper Hold Pro SiO2 Polymer Sealant


OFFICIAL PRE RELEASE - Will start shipping on 9/19/2022

Hyper Hold Pro is a powerful crème based polymer that uses sophisticated SiO2 resins and UV blockers to lock on and protect your marine paint or gelcoat from extreme UV. Down in the hot Florida sun we've seen up to 3-6 months of durability on average. Hyper Hold Pro is extremely easy to use. Residual removal of the product is a breeze. The formula can be applied in warm and cold climates.

We recommend laying down a thin coat of Hyper Hold Pro with a DA polisher and foam pad on speed 1/2. The thinner you can lay the coat, the easier it will be to remove by hand with a microfiber. When you tend to apply by hand with an applicator, the material will lay down more thick and become more difficult to remove by hand. 



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    Customer reviews
    The training at Marine Detail supply is very hands on and educational. the knowledge that you will gain from industry professionals is going to help take your business to the next level.
    — Jacob Shock
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    Will there be hands on demonstration?

    Absolutely. We will have a boat in the shop to work on. We typically focus on the hull sides. All the Starke products, pads and machines will be on display and available for use.

    Will there be classroom work?

    Yes. We like to sit down and go over some over the basics. We will have a presentation and slideshow. We start by introducing everyone. We like to ask why each person came and what they wanted to gain from this experience. Once we figure that out we can then dial in the message to focus on where everyone needs the most information.

    Is this an accreditation course?

    Yes. Sign up for this course to become a Starke Certified Installer and be listed on our site and receive special discounts on Starke products.

    If I am a DIYer, can I attend this course.

    Absolutely. This class is for the professional or the enthusiast. The techniques we will be teaching work across the board.