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Rupes BigFoot iBrid HLR21 Cordless Polisher Launch Kit | 6" 21mm 2 Batteries

The RUPES BigFoot iBrid HLR21 is the much-anticipated battery-powered version of RUPES' award-winning LHR 21 "long stroke" orbital polisher.  Featuring a brushless motor powered by lithium-ion battery technology, the RUPES BigFoot iBrid HLR21 promises smooth operation without the hassle of a power cord.  Included with every RUPES BigFoot iBrid HLR21 are two 18 volt lithium ion batteries as well as a charger, 6 inch backing plate, and handful of RUPES foam pads.

This is a launch kit and currently the only option available this buy these machines - in the future there will be more configurations available. Kit Contains:

  • BigFoot iBrid HLR21 Tool with 6" Backing Plate
  • (2) 18V 5.0Ah Battery packs
  • Dual Battery Charger
  • (2) DA Intermediate Foam Polishing Pads (NEW!)
  • (2) DA Fine Foam Polishing Pads
  • (2) DA Coarse Blue Wool Pads
  • (2) DA Fine Yellow Wool Pads
  • 250ml DA Coarse Compound
  • 250ml DA Fine Compound

Introducing the iBrid RUPES BigFoot polishers, a true game-changer in the world of polishing applications. This compact yet powerful tool seamlessly combines cordless and corded capabilities, offering freedom and reliability.

Please Note: A corded power adapter is currently not available, RUPES plans to release these for sale at a future date.

Whether you’re a professional or an enthusiast, this polisher elevates your work to a new level. Experience unparalleled performance, ergonomic design, and adaptability like never before. Welcome to the future of surface care with the iBrid RUPES BigFoot polishers.

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Absolutely. We will have a boat in the shop to work on. We typically focus on the hull sides. All the Starke products, pads and machines will be on display and available for use.

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