Rupes BigFoot LHR 19E Rotary Polisher

By Rupes

RUPES BigFoot LHR 19E Rotary Polisher features:

High torque motor – will remove swirls and scratches from paint quicker with a more efficient motor.

Dual transmission – will allow you to press the machine without slowing for additional corrective power.

Electronic speed control – clearly marks which speed is being used and is located on top of the machine.

Progressive trigger switch – allows you to fully control your speed with a slow start.

Lightweight and ergonomic design – far less bulk than other rotary machines, the RUPES BigFoot LHR 19E Rotary Polisher’s design allows for increased maneuverability and control.

Rubber tool rests – allows you to place the tool face up without damage to tool.

125 mm (5 inches) backing plate– smaller pads allow for higher precision during use without fear of overheating.

When you’re looking for increased power for heavy paint imperfection removal, a rotary polisher is certainly the answer. When you want that same power with easier maneuverability and control? The RUPES BigFoot LHR 19E Rotary Polisher is the answer.

Technical Information:

Backing plate - 125 mm (5 inches)
Power – 1200 Watts
RPM – 450 – 1700
Weight – 4.85 lbs
Cord Length – 29 ft.


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