Lake Country HDO Blue Heavy Polish Pad


Introducing the All-New Lake Country HDO Orbital Polishing Pads! Created to handle the rigors of Long Stroke Polishers. These pads have a Multi-density layered foam design, providing a smooth bold feel while maintaining the integrity of the foam for optimum surface contact. The reduced diameter and slim profile provides an evenly distributed point of contact for ultimate balance and control. They also run 10% COOLER on Long Stroke machines than comparable pads, maximizing pad life and durability. The Breathable Interface & Cooling Chamber prevents the center of pad from collapse by allowing unwanted heat to escape during use.   
  • For use with 5" & 6" Backing Plate
  • Designed for use with random orbital and other "long stroke" machines


  • Increased stability from Multi-Density design allows improved control on curved panels.
  • Less foam movement minimizes haze and micro marring. 
  • Extended use on long stroke machines.
  • High strength adhesive and durable construction.
  • Beveled edge has an angled design which prevents pad “rolling”, allowing pad to stay flat on the surface.
  • The combination of the bevel and interface keeps the adhesion line away from the working surface for safe use in tight areas.
  • Designed for quick cleaning and drying.


  • Cutting pad


  • Material: Multi-Density Foam
  • Polishing Face Diameter: 6 1/2" & 5 1/2"
  • Thickness: 1"
  • Hook & Loop Diameter:  6 1/16" & 5 1/16"
  • Foam Color: Blue
  • Velcro Color: Black  
  • Made in the USA

Polishing Directions:

  • Fasten pad to machine taking care to securely center it on your backing plate.
  • Follow polish dependent tips regarding speed, pressure, amount of polish, and priming.
  • When polishing, clean your pad after each section with your Foam Pad Brush before applying polish for the next section.


  • Wash pads with Simple Clean spritz on face of pad and allow to dwell for a minute before brushing and rinsing out thoroughly.
  • Place in clean dry area to dry.


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