Flex Deluxe Polisher Bag


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Our FLEX Polisher Bag Deluxe stores your polishing pads, and towels! Store your polisher from job to job in this ruggedly constructed storage bag. It features Interior pockets and a large capacity make this bag perfect for storage and transport of all your marine detailing supplies. Additional storage can be found in the two external mesh pouches, perfect for pads, towels, swirl finder lights, and much more!

The FLEX Polisher Bag is made of tough canvas with reinforced seams and an extra large zippered opening. The bag features an adjustable strap and the FLEX logo printed on the exterior.

The interior of the bag is lined with moisture-resistant vinyl material. If you accidently spill chemicals inside the bag, it can be cleaned out with a damp towel.

The thick walls of the bag provide cushioning for the polisher as you transport it, to protect the polisher from scratches and impact. The FLEX bag is collapsible, durable, and very roomy. Carry all your buffing and polishing supplies in the official Deluxe FLEX Polisher Bag!

Features & Details:

Upgraded design features even more storage room.  The Flex Deluxe Polisher Bag has room for your polishers, cables, foam pads, lights, compounds, towels, and cleaning materials.  The interior contains six elastic straps and two mesh pouches, and the exterior also contains two mesh pockets.  You can fit everything in here!

The new adjustable strap creates more balance and stability.  The Flex Deluxe Polisher Bag has straps on both sides of the bag that can be interlocked with Velcro for easy mobility.  

The interior is lined with waterproof vinyl.  The Flex Deluxe Polisher Bag features moisture-resistant vinyl that guards against damage from spills.  If you spill chemicals, polishes, or compounds, simply wipe off with a damp towel.

Thick cushioning offers superior security.  The walls of the Flex Polisher Bag are sturdy and dense to protect your polisher from scratching, bumping, and other workplace impacts.  The exterior of the bag is made of tough canvas and reinforced seams that ensure durability.

Organize your polishing materials in one place.  Nothing wastes valuable time like trying to find the right tool or attachment for the job at hand.  With the Flex Polisher Bag, you can organize all your polishing equipment in one place so that you are ready to work at a moment’s notice!


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    Absolutely. We will have a boat in the shop to work on. We typically focus on the hull sides. All the Starke products, pads and machines will be on display and available for use.

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    Yes. We like to sit down and go over some over the basics. We will have a presentation and slideshow. We start by introducing everyone. We like to ask why each person came and what they wanted to gain from this experience. Once we figure that out we can then dial in the message to focus on where everyone needs the most information.

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    Yes. Sign up for this course to become a Starke Certified Installer and be listed on our site and receive special discounts on Starke products.

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